A Garage Door Safety Story

By BuiltRite Garage Doors Tuesday, October 09, 2012

If you have spent any time with us, you know that we are passionate about garage door safety.  We are passionate about garage door safety for one reason: faulty garage doors hurt people.  A garage door weighs 150-250lbs.  It is under considerable tension.  If a spring or cable breaks, you have almost 200 lbs free falling to the ground.  Anything in its path gets crushed.

Reading the news, I came across a story that is as real as it is scary.

The City of Vancouver failed to properly maintain a heavy garage door that suddenly crashed down on two men, badly crushing a veteran yard worker who was lucky to survive critical injuries after undergoing back and heart surgeries.

I struggle to put myself in the shoes of this worker.  He kissed his wife and kids on the way out the door to go to work.  He arrived to work ready to put in a hard day’s work.  He walks under the garage door at the yard only to be struck and pinned by it crashing down on top of him!

The two workers were entering a service bay when cables on the faulty door snapped, causing the door to strike one man and violently pin the other to the ground.

Co-workers say the pinned man was knocked unconscious, left bloody, and is lucky to be alive. The Province has confirmed medical information in the case, but will not identify the badly injured worker. Fellow workers rushed to pry the door off him and performed first aid, stabilizing him before paramedics arrived. He was taken to Vancouver General Hospital for back surgery, and later returned to hospital for a heart surgery.

And then we are provided with this bit of information:

The city says 25 of the large overhead doors were installed 46 years ago at the yard, and they have been put out of service as the city works with WorkSafe B.C. to investigate the accident and prevent further incidents.

According to one yard worker who said he did not want to be named because he fears repercussions at work, the old doors had been inspected about once a month in the past, but management had chosen to reduce the maintenance schedule to just twice a year recently.

Read more: http://bit.ly/RT65Ic

Now, I won’t comment on the garage doors being 46 years old.  I will, however, comment on their failure to keep up scheduled maintenance on 46 year old garage doors.  When companies aren’t serious about garage door safety, people get hurt.  This should be criminal.

So, why do I share this?  We want you and your family to be safe.  You have more in life to worry about then whether or not your garage door will operate properly and efficiently.  With that said, please have it inspected regularly by a professional.  If you don’t call us, call someone.  It’s not worth the risk of your garage door trapping you in your garage, out of your garage, or falling on your car, or worse…

We have been repairing and maintaining garage doors for more than 40 years.  All our technicians are professional, uniformed employees who are IDA certified.  We take our work seriously and as such strive to offer superior customer service at the best possible price.  See how we can help you with your next garage door repair.