Garage door service keeps doors from flying

By BuiltRite Garage Doors Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ever have a love hate relationship with someone / something? Jenn Hughs experienced this relationship with her garage door.

They had a tenuous relationship from the start when, as a child, Jenn hit her head on the garage door about half way down. The blow knocked her on her butt unconscious.

As an adult, she experienced a power surge that knocked out one of her garage door openers.

And then there was the time her garage door went flying through the air…

Jenn was renting a little house in an older part of town. When I say “older part of town” we are talking about houses built in the 1930’s. To her surprise, the garage had automatic doors. Most other homes this age had manual garage doors.

As we all do, Jenn took her garage door for granted. Her garage door needed to be serviced…desperately serviced. However, she continued to operate her garage door hoping for the best.

I’ll let Jenn tell the rest of the story in her own words:

On my way to work one morning, I zip to the garage, and tap the button for the door to go up. From nowhere, a piece of wire flew across the garage, and the door made a grinding noise. Then it started to lift. That part worked. Sort of. The top of the door, with the framed glass lifted. The bottom wooden half, stayed restfully on the concrete.

I watched in rather stupefied horror as the top half of the garage door, dangling precariously off the track, rose not-so-merrily to the ceiling and then sailed along suspended through the air, into the back window of my brand new car.

As special as it may have been to see a garage door soar through the air, Jenn could have saved herself some money if she had the garage door serviced earlier. Her auto insurance wouldn't cover the repairs to her car because the car was minding its own business in the garage. She didn't have renters insurance to pick up the tab either. Spending less than $100.00 on a garage door service would have saved her a lot of money.

Don’t follow Jenn’s example. Get a garage door service from a professional to avoid future costly repairs.

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