Importance of Garage Door Inspection

By BuiltRite Garage Doors Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A working garage door is an everyday necessity, especially if your car ends up being locked inside with no other way out.

Garage doors are the most forgotten item on your house until they don’t open and you’re late for work.  A lot of time consumers forget to take regular care of their garage door which can leave them in a pinch. And garage doors that aren’t working properly are dangerous.  It’s important to get a garage door inspection.

A garage door inspection should be done regularly.

It will include things like:

  • Checking the springs
  •  Lubricating the door
  • Checking the little sensors that send the door back up if something’s in the way.
    • If something is blocking the beam, then you’ll get a flash on the overhead light of the garage door opener indicating something is blocking your sensors.

Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds and are used almost daily so parts eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

Signs that you need to replace your garage door

  • Visible warping
  • Appears well worn
  • Mechanical issues that would be cheaper to replace than fix.

We have been performing garage door inspections for over 40 years.  Call us today to get your garage door inspection schedule before winter hits.

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