Secure Your Garage Door

By BuiltRite Garage Doors Monday, June 23, 2014

When you think of home security, what comes to mind?  Keypads, window sensors, and deadbolts are the top three answers.  Did you know that a simple zip-tie can be the one of the most effective items to keep you family and belongings safe? 

You read correctly.  Burglars have discovered an inherent flaw in the safety systems of your residential garage door that can be exploited by slipping a wooden doorstop against your garage door panel and using a wire hanger to open your door.  Using these two tools, someone can gain access to your garage door in just 6 seconds, and then have complete access to your home.  This is done without breaking glass or making loud, alarming noises.  Just a few minutes of unfettered access to your home can cost you thousands of dollars between electronics, jewelry and possible identity fraud.

The good news is that a trip to your local hardware store or favorite bog box retailer is all you need to thwart these would-be thieves.  Threading a zip-tie around or through the garage door release mechanism will eliminate the ability for thieves to exploit this flaw, and still allow you to use this all important safety feature.   The best part is that it only takes a moment to install and for just a couple of dollars you will have dozens of ties for multiple uses in the event you have to use the emergency latch.  Watch the videos below to see how this weakness leaves you exposed and how you can ensure the security of your home for just a few dollars.

The Problem

The Fix