Liftmaster Advanced Trolly System

Model: Liftmaster - ATS
Drive Type: Chain Drive
Horse Power: 1/2 Horse Power
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Model ATS is an advanced trolley system light-duty trolley operator. It features an automatic safety reverse and door stop, a maximum run timer, a heavy-duty "I-beam" configured trolley track, and an auto-reconnect trolley.

Standard Features

  • Automatic safety reverse/automatic door stop

  • Manual release in case of power failure

  • I-beam trolley trolley track

  • The Protector System¬†non-impact infrared safety device

  • 1-button control station

  • Standard with 14' rail

  • High-torque, industrial¬† 1/2 HP, 115V single-phase motor with instant reverse and automatic reset thermal overload

  • 1-year warranty