Insulation Options

You garage doors protect many of your most valuable belongings.  Protecting these items from extreme temperatures outside is probably the second most important measure you can take.  Proper garage door insulation can help you keep all of the elements where they belong, outside.

By insulating your garage doors, you also ensure that your garage maintains its function as a usable room of your house or business.   Much like your front door, an insulated garage door can help you regulate the temperature year-round.  House projects, large school assignments, construction phases or even just a place to get a way and relax are just a few examples of people use this room.

Depending on the look or the level of protection you want, there are three main garage door panel insulation options to choose from:

  • Basic (Steel, non-insulated)
  • Insulated (Steel face exterior, Vinyl face interior)
  • Steel Insulated (Steel face exterior, Steel face interior)

Contact us today to see which option is right for you.

Insulation Options



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